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Faith Leads to Building...

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

As 2022 began… God gave me the word FAITH to lead me. For about 4 weeks, He led me through a freeing study of What faith is, How to faith, Why faith and then Now faith. What I gathered seems so simple, but the life changing transformation that was birthed from God’s revelation has been nothing but profound. Faith is a steadfast hope that God is who He says He is and He will do what He said He will do. As my heart aligns with this fact, God is given access to my beliefs/ convictions and I let Him test them. It is in the wrestling that I respond and make the applicable adjustments to the new revelation in my life. I am able to bask in the evidence of active faith in my life. (Faith-rest life, peace, hope)

Because I invite the wrestling, I do not know why I was caught off guard when testing began. It was a subtle tug at first, that progressed into an all out war in my mind. To walk so closely with revelation for weeks and then the teacher gets silent, it can be startling. So I did what any crazy person who is madly in love with God would do. I began working on the last thing He said do. This wouldn’t have been a terrible thing had I included God into the planning and building. But did I do that? No. I thought I could carry it on my own. As I did, the vision got blurry. My way got questionable. My plans got sloppy. Do not worry my dear friends, my God is good! He didn’t let me sit there. He came after His wayward sheep… and when He did, He reminded me of something. He reminded me of the plans, the vision, most importantly the why. Because this was a God idea, execution will require God-faith to complete it.

So as a reminder to my “anointed doers” as my girl Ledora would say, do not get so caught up in doing that you forget your why. My God’s love for you is not found in the work. Remember He has always wanted to just be with you. So think about doing the things with God not apart from Him.

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2022

🎶 At the center of it all, Lord it’s you that I see 🎶 God is so faithful, even in our ”missteps”, He still covers us and jumps to our rescue. He never leaves nor forsakes us! Awesome God.

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